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Toilet Paper algorithms ( )
Toilet paper algorithms, or, I didn't know you had to be a computer scientist to use toilet paper. by Don Norman of the Nielsen Norman Group ... Toilet Paper Algorithms: I didn't know you had to be a computer scientist to use toilet paper. (modified, August, 2002 ...

ShitBegone Toilet Paper
ShitBegone toilet paper is a quality product that exemplifies your attitude and approach to life. Learn more and buy ShitBegone online at ... which other companies have advertised for years, that toilet paper is only soft if the roll feels squishy ... When you crumple toilet paper, just like if you crumpled a piece ...

The Toilet Paper
Dedicated to the weirdest, strangest, and yet somehow the most worthwile. You'll find short stories, pictorals, novels, poems, satire and jesus. Whatever. ... THE TOILET PAPER SNAGS COOL HUMOR SITE OF THE YEAR ... what a glorious day that was when The Toilet Paper was first selected as the cool site of the ...

contest_2 ...

Just Toilet Paper - Novelty Toilet Paper
Specializing in Novelty Toilet Paper

The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
The web's first full-featured toilet paper museum. ... "Maybe they should have a toilet paper museum. Would you like that ... we can see all the toilet paper advancements down through the ages. Toilet paper in the Crusades ...
TP FLUSHED. After giving away more than 3,000 free rolls of toilet paper to lucky winners all across the United States and Canada, the number one toilet paper sweepstake on the Internet has been flushed.

Fun Facts
>> I Historical facts. Click here for the complete historical timeline of Toilet Paper and important paper making dates, going back to 50BC... >> When and where was toilet paper first invented?

Toilet Paper Encyclopedia
Kenn Fischburg. Author, Toilet Paper Encyclopedia. President, Toiletpaperworld. >> Welcome to our Toilet Paper Encyclopedia ... Exactly who made toilet paper first? What do other countries use? How does the use of toilet paper effect the environment? ...

Fortean Slips: Toilet Paper Plagiarism
Perhaps Sir Roger. Penrose just didn't want. people wiping their. butts on his math. Toilet Paper Plagiarism. by D. Trull. Enigma Editor. ... even in the cottony-soft quilted pattern on a roll of toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper ...

Toilet Paper Messaging
I leave messages on the toilet paper in public bathroom stalls for the next people to find. It's hilarious! ... I leave messages on the toilet paper in public bathroom stalls for the next people to find ... Sunday, July 06, 2003. how to eat toilet paper. public toilet ...

The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum and Society: A TagYerit Project
The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum. Leave your mark on real or ephemeral toilet paper ... The Whole World Toilet Paper Museum ... Perhaps there is nothing more inconsequential than a sheet of toilet paper. All the more reason to ponder it ...

Toilet Paper Gallery
The hall of fame for unusual toilet paper and toilet images. ... You are here: > Directory > Gallery. Toilet Paper Gallery. Toilet Paper Hall of Fame ...

Toilet Paper Curiosities: A TagYerit Project
Unusual Toilet Paper items worthy of note ... TagYerit Presents: Toilet Paper Curiosities. Flushed with excitement??? ... from the Whole World Toilet Paper Museum ...

America's First Toilet Paper Shortage
The Great Toilet Paper Shortage - blame it all on Johnny Carson. ... The history of toilet paper and the associated statistics come from the very unusual book RE/Search Guide ... The Great Toilet Paper Shortage story comes from the book Uncle John's ...

Bathroom Prank Revenge Toilet Paper Gag From The Prank Place
Hilarious Bathroom Humor including our no tear revenge toilet paper practical joke. ... Bathroom Pranks - No Tear Toilet Paper Gag ... Looks just like real toilet paper! Just substitute this roll, the "victim" can not tear it, or rip it ...

Plumbing Bath and Toilet - The History of Plumbing
Ancient and modern plumbing histories from around the world - bathes and showers and toilets and water closets. ... Toilet Paper. The following may not be accurate information, the leads I found indicated this: We might owe the 1857 invention of toilet-paper to American, Joseph Coyetty ...

Low Carb Weight Loss Recipes: Toilet Paper Origami
Toilegami is a book devoted to Toilet Paper Origami. ... Toilegami is a bathroom book, and is about toilet paper origami. It is a humor book, but it is also quite practical and ... : Great Moments in Toilet Paper History
The history of toilet technology goes on display at a Wisconsin museum. ... 1890: On a Roll — Scott Paper introduces toilet paper on a roll ... Instead, the toilet paper bears the name of intermediaries ...

Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper. Harlan Hile and Drew Perttula. University of California, Berkeley. 11/6/2000. Abstract ... An inexpensive IBM 486 computer called toilet has been "installed" in the water closet alongside the real toilet. Toilet ...

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