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en-gedi excavation

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En Gedi (
Pictures and text illuminating the biblical site of ... En Gedi is the largest oasis along the western shore of the Dead Sea ... Expedition (Hebrew University) Information about the excavation of the Roman-Byzantine village led by ...

Products - Pictorial Library of Bible Lands
... Tell el-Farah South with excavation squares and tower, tb n050701.jpg ... Dead Sea western cliffs to south from En Gedi, 108-26tb.jpg ...

... FINDS IN THE VICINITY OF 'EN GEDI. 1. MOLLUSCS FOUND DURING AN EXCAVATION IN THE "OLD ROSES" ... encountered in an agricultural field of 'En Gedi. This find dates back ...

Itinerary- Israel Diary 11/98
... Our next stop is En Gedi—in Hebrew this means "goat's spring". After the Israelite's occupation of ... Tel Hatzor is currently under excavation and has 21 separate occupation levels ...

Committee on Archaeological Policy Conducts Annual Tour of ASOR-Affiliated Excavations
... tions at En Gedi. We were taken around by Gideon Hadas, ... with a visit to the salvage excavation of Byzantine shops ...

Home Page
... when David fled from Saul why did he come to En Gedi ? It was remote; it had caves to hide in; and it ... "The excavation work here has stalled ...

The Origins Discovery Project
... undisputed pre-1967 Israeli territory), to conduct a scientific excavation for further Dead Sea Scrolls and antiquities ... lived in the strongholds of En Gedi. 24. It happened ...

Jordan Valley:
... of temptation, The Dead Sea, Judean Wilderness, Masada, En Gedi, Qumran, and Bethany, then to Jerusalem for dinner ... 2 miles south of En Gedi). Where excavation has brought to light ...

New College of Florida
... archaeological excavations in Zippori and En Gedi, Israel as well as on an excavation in Udaipur and an ethnographic ...

Arama.Com - Turkish Sites Search Engine ... Açıklama: A Salvage Excavation at a 6th-7th Century C.E ... Hirschfeld, A Settlement of Hermits above En Gedi 273 Yizhar Hirschfeld: The Archaeology of Hermits ...

The Faith and the World
... and a donkey (Gen 22:5). Until the excavation at Beth Alpha, many art historians would have doubted ... a bit north of Nazareth), En-Gedi (on the Dead Sea), Huseifa ...

Excavations Reports
... EXCAVATION REPORTS. Members receive a 25% discount on all prices listed here ... En-Gedi. En-Gedi Excavations in 1961–1962, B ...
... Pictures from the 2000 Summer Travel and Excavation Program. June 1 -- Chicago, Chicago Field Museum ... June 9 -- Masada, En Gedi, Dead Sea. June 10 -- Qumran, Jericho, Herodium ...

Jason's Pics

... is an aerial photo of Tel Kedesh before the excavation began. It's located in the Upper Galilee (see ... Kam, Natalie and I at En Gedi, a nature reserve located near ...

Issue 5
... material from sites in Israel (Jericho and 'En Gedi), Egypt (Tel El Farâ'în), Syria (Tell ... the vicinity of 'En Gedi. 1. Molluscs. found during an excavation in the "Old ...

STEP Article
The Summer Travel and Excavation Program. written for William Carey College's Vision magazine. by DeeDee Baldwin. On June 1, I left New Orleans airport with Dr. ... impressive fortress of Masada, and climbed En Gedi, where we were rewarded with a much ...

ASHKELON EXCAVATIONS - The Leon Levy Expedition
... Continue the excavation of Canaanite houses near the courtyard on which the cuneiform tablet was ... recent years have been Jerusalem, Caesarea Maritama, Massada, En Gedi and Qumran ...

Archaeology Insitute, Tel-Aviv University
... Alexander Fantalkin: A Salvage Excavation at an Early Bronze Age ... Yizhar Hirschfeld: A Settlement of Hermits above 'En Gedi .........103 ...

... Dunayevsky: 20. En-Gedi, The First and Second Seasons ... Wachsmann et al.: The Excavation of an 20 ...

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