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Choosing a Responsible Contractor

 Make sure that the Contractor knows and has performed the work you are asking their company to perform. This may sound obvious however it is surprising how often a second Contractor with more experience has to be called in to complete someone else's work. This usually costs more because the second contractor generally has to repair the efforts of the first then go ahead and complete the job.

 Don't be afraid to ask for references from the Contractor's previous customers. If the contractor is solid, with more than a few years in the business, then his company will likely have a number of references that they can refer to. If they do not then are you sure you want them working for you.

 Ask about the size of the Contractor's business. Will the person you're talking to be doing the work himself or are you going to be dealing with his employees. Neither is necessarily bad simply different and different sized businesses are better suited for different sized jobs. If you are removing and replacing the side of your house then you may want to look for a company that has a number of employees. This means that the work should be able to be completed in a reasonable time frame with as little disturbance as possible. If however you are repairing the roof of your house you may want a smaller company where the contractor is doing all of the work himself.

 How busy is the Contractor. Will he be able to complete the job in a timely fashion or are you going to be waiting for a month for him to get to you. If you spell out these things in advance then there are fewer unpleasant surprises. Good contractors tend to be busy. If you have found the Contractor you are sure is right for the job then you may not mind the fact that you have to wait for him to get to your job. If you know in advance that is.

 Talk to more than one Contractor. Opinions vary from person to person, company to company. The work that you wish to have performed can sometimes be done in several different manners. If you have only talked to one Contractor about it then you have only got one professional opinion to go by. By talking to more than one contractor you get far more information on which to base a decision.


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