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Cost-effective Remodeling

Improvement Average Cost Return

Bathroom addition (adding new space)

$12,000–45,000 50–200%

Bathroom remodeling (reconfiguring existing space)

$5,000–20,000 70-75%

Garage addition

$16,000–20,000 50–60%

Interior facelift (new lighting, carpeting, and/or paint or wallpapering)

$2,000–10,000 70-85%

Kitchen remodel (facelift)

$10,000–20,000 75-90%

Kitchen remodel (major)

$20,000–50,000 60–110%


$8,000–20,000 50-65%

Roof replacement

$8,000–22,000 50-60%

Room addition

$22,000–80,000 60-80%


$9,000–30,000 60–70%

Door/window replacement

$4,000–20,000 55–75%
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Please feel free to contact us for a in home estimate or a rough estimate over the phone . For E-Mail estimates or questions about a project please give us as much information at the project info page for a more accurate estimate.
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